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Inner Voice: Songs of Spirit



SONGS OF SPIRIT are songs and chants perfect for Women's Circles, Blessingways, Birth Passages, Mothering, Baby celebrations.  This song compilation arose from the journey of 13 women to the mountains of New Mexico in 1985. Our focus was to celebrate and cultivate women’s wisdom and deep resonance with our wild selves and Earth. We called ourselves Diana Earthmission, a humorous reflection upon our commitment to life on earth, as compared to Apollo Space Mission. Diana was a Roman goddess related to the wilds, the moon, and to birth. Committed to a rebalancing and caretaking the Earth, we dedicate these songs, and profits from this CD to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.  

Thirteen Grandmothers is an alliance of indigenous elders encouraging an awakening for a world-out-of-balance, hoping we remember and renew a natural relationship between ourselves and Earth. 

  We have made every effort to locate the origins of and give credit for the songs we sing. Seven of the songs were birthed by one of our members, or someone personally known to us. Please share the songs in your circles. We ask that you give credit to those when we know the source, and pass on the story of Diana Earthmission. For more information: DIANAEARTHMISSION.COM

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Song List:

1. Grandmother
2. Ungula
3. May we all Fly Like Eagles
4. Open Your Robe
5. Wen day ya ho
6. We all Come From the Goddess
7. We Thank the Source
8. Free the Heart
9. I Will Not Be Afraid
10. Beautiful Women
11. Hold Me
12. Mountain Song
13. Gate Gate
14. The River She is Flowing
15. Wild Woman
16. Kiowa Round Dance
17. I Can Open My Robe
18. The Earth is Our Mother
19. She’s Been Waiting
20. I Am a Circle
21. Earth, Air, Fire, Water
22. Sure as the Wind
23. If the People
24. When the Day is Over
25. May the Circle be Open

Song Clips:

Beautiful Women

Free The Heart

Heya Heya

I Am a Wild Woman

I Will Not Be Afraid

Open Your Robe


We Thank the Source