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Touch For Birth

Window in the Womb World

Look at this video of a baby born via cesarean and delivered still in its aminiotic sac. Apart from the questions of --Can this happen at every cesarian if the sac has not yet ruptured? And how long is it safe once it's cord has been cut and clamped as it appears to be? --apart from that, it is mind blowing to me to see the baby all wrapped up in there, as it was in the womb, moving in its own watery ocean world, still dreaming of the life to come, the cord pressing in against its face, likely to wrap around its neck as she/he moves through the birth passage (without cesarean).

I am struck by that sensation so many feel, of wanting to be wrapped up, contained, go back to the womb in times of stress or trauma, to return to that fetal womb space...

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